Project Services

Project Services

A substantial part of the Atlas Steels business is associated with the supply of steel products and associated services to industrial development and infrastructure projects. The types of the steel products we sell at Atlas are usually application specific and often special grades and form supplied fit for purpose.

Our knowledge and expertise has been built up over 70 years of experience in the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets and we have an established and proven global supply network to enhance our Project Supply management program. 

In addition, Atlas Steels has invested in IT systems that allow the components for your customer project to be instantly tracked and updated, even if there are thousands of items involved. Atlas Steels has the capability to use your project material identifiers in all material labelling and customer documentation to improve communication and subsequent receipting of material at the project site.

Please contact the Atlas Steels Project Sales Manager in your area:





Leo O'Callaghan

0406 476 983


Brad Pugliese

0418 315 158


Lilian Luo

 0418 674 983


Deborah Michael

+61 2 9825 7500

 Fluids Projects

Cesar Cocchi

0427 120 758

Atlas Steels Project Experience

The following are typical of the industrial and resource market segments and project customers where Atlas Steels has built up its project experience in Australia and International:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Energy Generation
  • Mining & Minerals Infrastructure
  • Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Transportation
  • Defence
  • Architectural & Construction



Project References Country Industry
PTT Chemicals - Debottleneck Project Thailand Petrochemical
Wang Noi Kaeng Khoi Pipeline Thailand Petrochemical
Dung Quat Refinery Vietnam Petrochemical
Goro Nickel New Caledonia Mining
Balkhash Copper Kazakhstan Sulphuric Acid Plant
Peru Copper Peru Sulphuric Acid Plant
Otway Gas VIC - Australia Gas
Basell PPU Upgrade VIC - Australia Petrochemical
Exxon Mobil Clean Fuels VIC - Australia Petrochemical
Caltex Clean Fuels NSW/QLD - Australia Petrochemical
Darwin LNG NT - Australia Gas
Spring Gully Gas QLD - Australia Gas
Orica Sodium Cyanide Upgrade Project QLD - Australia Chemical
Fosterville Gold VIC - Australia Gold Processing
Burrup Ammonia Export Project WA - Australia Fertiliser plant
Bass Gas Offshore VIC - Australia Gas
Minerva Gas VIC - Australia Gas
Coode Island - Marstel Terminals VIC - Australia Petrochemical


An all encompassing Project Service provided by Atlas Steels
The demand of supplying product and services to a project are very different to those of the typical customer in every day industry. Usually a project is in a construction or closed down maintenance phase where supply on time and in good order is absolutely essential to the build program. There are usually a series of hurdles that must be right for the project supplier to achieve the time frame required by the Project Manager. Typically these include:


  • Supply. The right product sourced from a quality and reliable mill is paramount to a successful project supply.
  • Logistics. Coordination to ensure product arrives on time. Nearly all specialty steel is sourced from overseas mills which add significantly to this equation.
  • Warehousing. In many project supply situations the Project Manager required product to be supplied to a third party fabricator who often draw down from warehouse storage to meet a fabrication program.
  • Management. The success of a project supplier is only as good as the people who manage the project and the support that they receive from within their company to provide the services required to make it happen.
  • Technical support. Being at the forefront of specialty metals with the knowledge and knowhow to understand steel qualities as well as limitations can assist Project Managers to make well informed decisions.
  • Response when it goes wrong? It is rare that a project supply will not have some change or disruption to supply. This could range from shipping delays to changes in the build program. These occurrences usually test the skills and resources of the project supplier and their ability to respond is a key measure to how well they can manage and meet the needs of the Project Manager. 


Atlas Steels recognises these critical aspects required to be a successful project supplier and has structured its business over the years to deliver against it.

The following are some of the services we offer our Project Management customers to support them in meeting their needs.


Projects Feasibility

  • Estimating service
  • Technical assistance with steel selection
  • Mill selection and production lead times


Project Tender

  • Professional project supply bid
  • Open dialogue to ensure best offer
  • Allocation of Atlas resources for project support
  • Reasonable terms and conditions of supply



  • Order placement with mills with agreed delivery times
  • Constant feedback on production and delivery commitments
  • Access to Atlas general stocks to get the project started



  • Access to the Atlas network of steel warehouses centres should storage and progressive supply be required
  • Local Atlas representation



  • Access to Atlas technical and management support if the inevitable occurs
  • Support of a large company that has been an industrial supplier for 70 years and focused on being around for at least another 70 years




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