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Atlas Steels Product Reference Manual

 The Atlas Steels Product Reference Manual is the main publication for Atlas providing information
 on the range and grades of stainless and special metals distributed. It also contains general technical
 information that is likely to be of interest to users, designers and engineers and outlines the processing
 facilities and services provided to customers.



Section Content
Complete Product Reference Manual   9.4 M Full edition of the current Atlas Steels Product Reference Manual.
1. Introduction - Stainless & Special Metals  468 kb Atlas Steels and products.
2. Stainless Steel Sheet,Coil & Plate   716 kb Stainless steel sheet, coil, strip, plate and processing of these products.
3. Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheet,Coil & Plate 582 kb Ferritic grades, properties, fabrication and applications.
4. Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings  1.2 M Manufacture, grades, product range - pipe, pipe fittings and flanges in stainless steel.
5. Stainless Steel Tube & Fittings  963 kb Manufacture, grades, product range - tube and tube fittings in stainless steel.
6. Carbon Steel Pipe & Fittings and Tube  721 kb Manufacture, grades, product range - pipe, pipe fittings and flanges in carbon steel.
Carbon heat exchanger, hydraulic and pneumatic tube.
7. Stainless Steel Bar 798 kb Stainless steel round, flat, angle, channel, square, hexagonal, hollow , wire, grades, product range.
8. Engineering Steel Bar  1.0M Bright mild steel, carbon steel bar, alloy and case hardening steel bar, chrome bar, carbon hollow bar, grades, product range.
9. Aluminium  578 kb Aluminium sheet, coil, plate and treadplate, grades, product range.
10. Quenched & Tempered Carbon Steel Plate  323 kb Low alloy high hardness and abrasive resistant steel plate, grades, product range.
11. Product Support Services  529 kb Technical services, quality assurance practices, Atlas Project Services.
12. Appendices  424 kb Stainless steel grade chart, product specifications, grade colour codes.


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